Music Makes Everything Better

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Music has always been an important part of my life. There are certain melodies and lyrics that paint a picture of times past, both good and bad, each time I hear them. I think we all have a soundtrack that illustrates our life. That soundtrack is a constant work in progress, but it’s there. Sometimes… [Read More…]

Wordless Wednesday: Merry Christmas!

Instead of a photo, I’m sharing one of my favorite Christmas tunes for Wordless Wednesday (technically Tuesday when this publishes). Crank up the volume and play the video. It doesn’t get a whole lot better than “Father Christmas” by The Kinks. “Have yourself a merry merry christmas Have yourself a good time But remember the… [Read More…]

The Power of Dance

maine state music theatre

I started taking dance lessons when I was three years old. My classes were a mix of ballet, tap and jazz. Never a fan of ballet, I was happy when I got older and could focus on jazz and tap. (I’m small, but I’m not overly dainty.) By the time I was in high school,… [Read More…]

Tax Season and Mom Guilt

Goofing off at G's indoor soccer practice.

“I don’t want to go to daycare.” “I don’t like school.” “I want to stay home with you, Mommy.” I’ve been hearing a lot of these statements from Biz lately. At first, the mom guilt sunk in. Maybe I wasn’t spending enough time with him. Maybe he’s having a hard time at preschool or daycare…. [Read More…]

Favorite Line from a Love Song

kid valentine

A friend on Facebook recently asked her friends to share their favorite line (or lyrics) from a love song. It was a fun question, which I also shared on my Facebook page. I didn’t get a ton of responses, but I thought I’d share a few, today being Valentine’s Day and all. From Sandy: Home is… [Read More…]