Wordless Wednesday: Bunny Cage

homemade bunny cage

Biz, age 5, was rewarded with a stuffed bunny for volunteering with me at the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program last week. He brought home a couple of boxes and made this cage with some help from his big brother, G. It even includes water and a plate of pasta salad. Gearing up for Easter?… [Read More…]

The Worst Egg Decorating Kit on the Planet

paas volano eggsplosion

About this time, it dawns on my family that Easter is around the corner. If it weren’t for tax season, we might notice it’s pending arrival sooner. Usually my husband or I (typically not both) remember to actually buy an egg decorating kit before it’s too late. This past weekend, my husband remembered Easter and… [Read More…]

Our BabbaBox Moon Nightlight

sun moon stars BabbaBox

I am a creative person, and I love doing art projects with my kids. It gives me an excuse to let out my artistic side when I don’t have the time to otherwise. (I should probably work on that.) The problem is that while I have the space to do projects, I don’t always have… [Read More…]