Building Futures in Madagascar with Wateraid America

When I hear Madagascar, I think of silly movies, lemurs and hissing cockroaches.

My sons actually have quite a fascination with the island country due to its unique wildlife, much of which is endemic to the region. My youngest could point out Madagascar on a world map when he was three.

I’ll be honest when I say I’ve never thought much about the people who actually live on the island of Madagascar. Or the kids.

Where there are communities of people, there are kids who go to school. Madagascar is no different.

The problem in Madagascar is that toilets and access to water taps are severely lacking. Unfortunately, 13,000 children under five die due to water-related diseases in Madagascar. (Source: Wateraid)

In Madagascar, 79% of schools don’t have clean water, and 41% of schools don’t even have a toilet.

Can you imagine having to go to the bathroom out in the open as a school kid?

Wateraid is doing something pretty amazing this summer for the kids of Madagascar, and we can all be involved. They have launched a campaign to help build the futures of kids in Madagascar. Their aim is to reach 12,000 kids in 31 schools with 100 toilets and 150 taps.

Watch the video to find out more about this initiative.

You can start making an impact by retweeting the following:

Or visit Wateraid’s Let’s build futures page and follow along. They’ll be posting real time updates on their progress, and we’ll even get to hear from the students themselves. Students like Perlette, who wants to be a doctor, or Jean Noel, who dreams of becoming a teacher.

Of course, a donation is always helpful.


Will you help Wateraid build futures in Madagascar?


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I wrote this post as part of the Global Team of 200, a highly specialized group of Mom Bloggers for Social Good members who focus on maternal health, children, hunger, and women and girls.


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  1. Of course I’ll tweet and follow. It’s the least I or any of us can do. I can’t imagine living without clean water or my children for that matter. Good work, Jen.
    Ilene recently posted..Ordinary WorldMy Profile

  2. We can’t wait to help. We’ve tweeted out, but we’ll do it more over the week, too. It really is unimaginable to not have a bathroom or access to clean water at school. It’s heartbreaking. Thanks so much for bringing this wonderful organization to our attention!! –The Dose Girls
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..How Many Weight Watchers Points Are In A Gallon Of Chunky Monkey?My Profile

  3. Once again- you found a need that is worthy of all of our time. Incredible. Will tweet, pin and FB. Such an important cause…
    Chris Carter recently posted..True Joy…My Profile

  4. It’s heart breaking! Thank you so much for posting this and sharing this information! I will do what I can to help – and am spreading the info!
    Alexa recently posted..TTTS Tuesday – 5 Key Facts about TTTSMy Profile

  5. I will absolutely tweet and follow. It’s just staggering. I’m not going to ever say I didn’t think about things before kids, but of course having a kid in school with a very clean toilet (it’s a co-op school and I cleaned it myself several times) is not something to take lightly. You really write such wonderful posts.
    Tamara recently posted..Another Year Gone, Holdin’ On.My Profile

  6. so interesting you wrote about Wateraid today. I just watched a Netflix documentary on Blue Gold – talking about water and how it’s becoming a real commodity. And, the History Channel just had a show on about the Dust Bowl and the lack of water right now and how there might be another one of those. Sheesh. And…I think you inspired another blog post. Hey, thanks! LOL
    Cyndi recently posted..I Give Myself Permission…and Thank YouMy Profile


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