Blogging on a bus

blogging on a busNote: I write my posts in the evening and then publish them the next morning. So, this was written on Monday.

So, I went to Boston for the day to facilitate a social media training for Hope House Addiction Services.

The trip from Maine isn’t a long one. You can get to Boston in a couple of hours.

Instead of driving, I decided to take the bus. It’s cheaper than driving my SUV and having to pay for gas, tolls and parking. Plus, it takes away the headache of having to drive in Boston. (I’ve lived in Maine long enough to get the Massachusetts way of driving out of my system.)

Before I left at 6:15am, Biz looked at me with a serious face and told me, “Mommy, don’t you get lost driving down to Boston.”

Luckily, I found my way just fine.

The cool thing about the bus is that I can whip out the laptop, connect to the free wifi and get some work done. Or at least check my Facebook and respond to blog comments. (That’s work, right?)

Well, after a full day of leading the training, I decided I would blog on the return trip to Maine.

Except I swear this trip is way bumpier than the ride down.

Have you ever blogged on a bus?

It’s not easy. I find myself holding the laptop in place while I type. And despite the fact that we’re on the highway, the bus still shakes enough to throw me off.

Plus, the song “The wheels on the bus go round and round” keeps popping into my head.

I should probably put my headphones on and listen to music, but I’m half listening/watching Ghostbusters II on the movie screen above my head. (We had Footloose on for the trip down. High quality stuff here on the bus.)

The point of this post?

It’s NaBloPoMo, and I made a promise to blog every day. No matter what. And I’m here to keep that promise.

Like I told the team over at Hope House today, effective social media and blogging takes commitment and dedication.

Even if it means blogging on a bus.

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  1. Patti Lawton says

    My family won’t let me drive anymore when I go back “home” to visit them in MA….they say I’ve forgotten how to drive right and now drive like an old lady!

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