(not really) Wordless Wednesday: Clash of the Couples Cover Reveal

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I’m cheating a bit on this “wordless” Wednesday by sharing some info on the follow up to the Mother of All Meltdowns. 

I mean, I couldn’t just leave you with the reveal of the cover without some information about the book.

It’s a book that I chose not to submit a story to because, well, when you are going through a divorce, writing a humorous story about relationships isn’t exactly top of mind.

What is Clash of the Couples all about? Funny you should ask.

Coupledom. Fact or fable, Adam and Eve birthed the perpetual relationship drama as seen on TV today. Despite the serpents, this couple HAD IT MADE. Luxury real estate, lush gardens, and privacy out the yin-yang. Life was glorious until the bare-bottomed babe could no longer resist temptation. Despite her better half’s warnings and threats to sleep in a tree, she tasted the forbidden fruit. One bite of that seductive, juicy contraband and the stage was set for eternity— a nibble that has blossomed into an endless supply of tiny tidbits that divide lovers to this day!

Taking a cue from the naked explorers of authentic sin, Clash of the Couples is a new anthology featuring a collection of completely absurd lovers’ squabbles and relationship spats. Think couples fight over kids, sex, and money? Think again! Furniture, the last beer, and where to store the placenta are what genuinely ignite our feuds. And no argument is off limits. This book has it all!

Inside you’ll find a gut-busting compilation of stories such as: “I Can’t Believe You Ate My Sandwich,” “Never Assume Anything,” “Only I Can Talk About Me,” and “You Want Some College Boobs?” from forty-three fearless writers. Prepare to laugh, roll your eyes, and shiver in suspense. While Eve may have had the first bite, we ate the whole tree. And made pies.

Published by Blue Lobster Book Co. (Maine based!), Clash of the Couples launches loudly and obnoxiously on November 3, 2014. You’ll hear us coming, but look for it on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and other places where you typically buy books. For instant updates, follow along on Facebook!

While I haven’t read the book yet, I am very much looking forward to it. I know many of the authors in this anthology, and there are four from the state of Maine! Here’s the lineup (which also includes dudes this time!):

Maine’s Big F**king Indian (Vlog)

I haven’t vlogged in a while, and I’ve really missed it. Things have been a bit crazy in my life, but I’m finally having time to do fun things like take a ride out to shoot a big Indian in the next town over (this statement will make more sense later) rather than spending time in a courthouse, moving or changing my name.

My inspiration this week came from Mama Kat’s Vlogging Prompts. One of them was “Show us something in your state that we might not have in our state.”

As many of you know, I live in Maine. The first thing that came to my mind was the Big F**king Indian, or the BFI, in Freeport. I googled “big f**king Indian” to see if it was truly unique to Maine, and, well, let’s just say I didn’t see other BFIs like the one in Freeport.

Wanna see what the BFI looks like? It’s kind of a landmark. Or something like that. Watch the video and tell me if you’ve got something like it in your state.

And please excuse the shakiness in some parts of this video. I was holding my phone when I was shooting and an Italian has a hard time keeping her hands still while talking. Sorry about that.

Do you have a BFI in your state?

Philanthropy Friday: More Than Volunteering

Each Friday, the another jennifer blog shares stories of those who incorporate philanthropy into their everyday lives – personally and professionally – in a creative and unique way. If you have a story you’d like to share, please contact Jennifer.

Photo Credit: Peter L. McGuire / The Forecaster

Photo Credit: Peter L. McGuire / The Forecaster

“The lady that likes me is here today!”

Biz recognized the car in the parking lot. He was referring to one of the volunteers we had come to know through the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program. We volunteered regularly last school year to help pack bags with food so that kids in our area would have enough nourishment during the weekends.

The woman he was referring to laughed at his jokes and treated him just like any other volunteer, though (at 5 years old) he was often the youngest there.

I had originally started volunteering to fulfill my own desire to help out locally. It was on the suggestion of my then-husband that I signed up. Little did I know that I would start taking my boys with me by necessity when my husband was no longer living with us and that we would find solace in an assembly line with other caring people on those Tuesday evenings.

Last school year we were close enough to walk to the MCHPP’s office to volunteer. This year, we are just far enough away to have to drive.

I pulled in and felt at home. I recognized cars and people. The place was bustling with activity. A local reporter with a camera observed and asked questions as we prepared for our assembly line to fill bags with food for local school kids.

It was like summer vacation never happened. G, who is always a hard worker, didn’t skip a beat. He asked Jamie, our fearless leader, where he wanted him and went to work. I am confident that if Jamie were late and the room were filled with first-time volunteers, G would be able to organize everyone so that we could fill the more than 200 bags in record time. (We did it in less than one hour once.)

Volunteering can feel like a burden sometimes. We have busy lives. Time is precious. But when you find a good fit, where you can work alongside good souls and feel fulfilled from the work you are doing, it’s truly magical. My boys look forward to our volunteering time, and they understand we are doing it to help their peers.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Read more about the backpack program I volunteer for with my boys: Backpacks bridge the gap: Brunswick-based program eases students’ weekend hunger (via The Forecaster).


 Do you volunteer? What nourishes your soul?

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