Blizzard 2013 Photos from Brunswick, Maine

In case you live under a rock, we had a bit of a snow event here in New England this weekend. For some reason, they named the snowstorm Nemo. It was much nastier than it sounds. (Also, since when do we name snowstorms? Growing up, I don’t ever remember a Nor’easter or blizzard with a name.)

Having lived in New England most of all of my life and having gone to college in Syracuse, New York, I am no stranger to large amounts of snow and blizzard conditions. This storm was a good one. School was canceled on Friday, despite not having any snow on the ground when we woke up. It did snow for most of the day, but the good stuff didn’t come until late Friday night.

Here’s what it looked like on Friday at 8:50am and then at 4:20pm. Not too bad, right?


The calm before the storm.

Like I said, the big stuff came on Friday night while we were sleeping. I heard it was snowing between 2″ – 3″ every hour. I still don’t know how much we officially got here in Brunswick. It was hard to tell because of all the snow drifting. I believe it was around 23″, much less than the gazillion inches Biz was predicting.

Here’s what our side yard looked like on Saturday morning. We could see our firepit in the yard, but our driveway was nowhere to be found.

snow drifting

Some good snow drifting going on. And the photo is not blurry. That’s snow blowing around.

And here’s where I admit that I took all these pictures from the warmth of my house. I made it as far as my porch when I let the dogs in and out, but every time I came in I had snow on my butt. (Not pretty. It was due to the snow blowing on the door and me leaning on the door when I took the dogs on and off their leads.) The snow was blowing so much, I never ventured further than the covered deck. But my husband and son did.

This is what G looked like before heading outside to help Dad find the driveway.


G is ready to go out in the blowing snow.

It took a little while, but they did end up finding the driveway. This was around 4:00pm on Saturday, after the snow had finally stopped and the wind started to slightly calm down. Note: That’s not a tiny snow blower, as the picture might make it seem. My husband is about 6′ 2″.

clearing snow

Clearing out the snow from the driveway.

By the end of the storm, we were all going stir crazy. While I was tempted to take a walk to one of the coffee shops that were open in town, I had no desire to walk in that cold, blowing snow. I looked at pictures of the huge piles of snow on Maine Street in Brunswick (one block from my house) on Facebook instead.

Luckily, we never lost power (it helps that we live extremely close to the fire department), and the only damage that occurred was to our back storm door. The wind just busted the darn thing until my husband had to go out and take it off the hinges.

Did you experience the blizzard Nemo? How did you fare?

Just for fun, here are my pics from the last blizzard in 2010. And here’s a random video I found on YouTube that someone took while driving in my town during the blizzard. He actually drives by my road.

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh! Now I feel a little kvetchy for complaining about our 8 -10 inches! The problem was I was not prepared for it – No Snowblower! And I am not a huge fan of shoveling even though my masculine side dominates! I am glad you never lost power. Stay safe!
    ilene recently posted..Down ThereMy Profile

    • says

      We usually have a plow guy (everyone has a plow guy in Maine), but this year we decided to buy a snowblower to save our yard, which gets shredded by the plow by the end of the winter. Worked great. It was fun to play in all the mountains of snow today!

  2. says

    That is one whole lot of snow. I’m glad hubby’s got that snow-blower.
    I couldn’t imagine life up there without one.
    Glad your powers on!

    I imagine the boys will have a ball in all that snow the
    next few days!

    Here in Virginia we did’t get a single flake!
    jen recently posted..a glimpse at love 1917 styleMy Profile

  3. says

    We got about 8 inches here in Wisconsin. DH is not fond of snowblowing and we have these field stone steps that have to be swept off with a stiff broom – not fun. The most snow we’ve ever gotten was 17 inches over a 24 hour period. So happy to hear you were able to dig out, had minimal damage and stayed safe.
    Savvy Working Gal recently posted..How to find a support group?My Profile

  4. says

    Wow. Yesterday it was 62 but we live in Washington state and it shouldn’t be that warm. Our worst snow was 18 inches and my husband shoveled off the roof since it was a 10″ roof. He went out a sliding window in order to shovel out the door, too. The drifts were enormous. Great pics.
    Sheila Skillingstead recently posted..Life and DeathMy Profile

    • says

      I know. We never named blizzards in the past. I don’t get it. Nemo is so not blizzard-y either.

      And I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to shovel. Hope you didn’t hurt your back!

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