A Blogger’s Pre-Vacation Checklist

I leave for vacation on Saturday. I’m pretty darn excited, particularly because we’re going to Florida where it’s currently 30 degrees warmer. And we could use a good family vacation right about now. We usually do after tax season.

I’m thinking about what to pack and all, but I’ve also got the blog on my brain. Should I blog while on vacation? How could I not? It’d be nice to take a break…..but can I? Blogging on the beach sounds pretty fun.

Forget about clothes and things to do on the plane. Here’s the pre-vacation checklist on my mind:

  • Write and schedule blog posts. Can’t have the content slowing down just because I’m on vacation. While I can probably blog while I’m away, I’d rather not. I asked followers on Twitter and Facebook if they’d like to guest post. I’ve got a few lined up, which I will schedule to post while I’m on the beach. I’m pretty excited. About the beach and the guest posts. (There’s still time if you want to get in on the guest posting. Contact me before the end of the week!)
  • Bring the camera. For capturing Wordless Wednesday pics and other funny images that could be used for future blog posts, of course. I’ll probably take pics of my family as well.
  • Keep a small notebook in a bag for jotting down post ideas. Everything is a potential blog post. If the notebook doesn’t work, using Evernote on the iPhone is another quick and easy option. Must have one or the other handy at all times. Just in case. My 3 year old says some pretty funny stuff, and he’ll be on a plane for the first time.
  • Make sure the place we’re staying at has wifi. As Jim Gaffigan recently said on Twitter, “Not having wireless is a great way to tell me, ‘I don’t want you to ever come back here’.” Luckily, the place we’re staying (which is also on the beach) has wifi so I can connect via my iPad. Note: there was no reason to mention the beach right there.
  • Do not forget the chargers! Chargers for the camera, the iPhone and the iPad. For the love of God, what would happen if I ran out of juice? Even if I schedule all my posts, how would I respond to comments or check my stats. Yikes!

Quick. What am I forgetting?!

Photo Credit: Dreamstime.com

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    Your camera is definitely the most important thing to bring (well, besides sun screen). Having lived in Florida for a number of years, the beach was my favorite place. I don’t know if you enjoy thunder storms, but the best ones were there ~ what a show. Enjoy!
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