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Canada Geese V Formation

Philanthropy Friday (rewind): Why Giving Feels Good

Back in March of 2013, I ran a two-part article on the subject of why giving makes us feel good by positive psychologist and director of The Happiness Enhancement Group, Greg Evans, PhD. Greg was a wonderful resource for me as I did research for my upcoming book, Simple Giving. In fact, there is an entire… [Read More…]

humans unlimited wordless wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: BrOKen and Harmless

I had some really great things to celebrate recently, so I treated myself to a couple of shirts from Human Unlimited. I’m particularly excited about the tank. You may recognize the quote from this HuffPost Divorce piece. It’s the “no-nonsense quote” that helped get me through divorce. I’m lucky to have had a great friend… [Read More…]

arctic cove bucket top misting fan

Capturing the #EssenceOfCool During Hot Outdoor Summer Workouts

Disclosure: I received an Arctic Cove Bucket Top Misting Fan which I gave to WolfPack Fitness and inspired the writing of this post. The opinions and words are all mine. The photos and video are all Luke Robinson, my trainer. “I could never do what you do.” “Doesn’t it hurt?” “I can’t handle an outdoor… [Read More…]


Philanthropy Friday: It’s Time to Talk About Menstruation

I’m going to challenge you today to talk about a subject that isn’t mentioned a whole lot in everyday conversation. Menstruation. When’s the last time you’ve had any real conversation about menstruation, if ever? And, no, complaining about your period or wondering if someone else is one hers does not count as a real conversation…. [Read More…]

Wordless Wednesday (6.24.15): Biz's Alligator by Matt Barbour

Wordless Wednesday: Biz’s Alligator

My boys spent some time with their dad, grandfather and great grandfather – along with other family members – in Florida during Father’s Day weekend. I was texted the following photo. See the lure by the alligator’s open mouth? Biz, my six-year-old, is on the other side of that fishing pole. Just what Mom needs… [Read More…]


On World Moms Blog: The Story Behind Simple Giving

I’m on World Moms Blog today talking a bit about the story behind my book, Simple Giving. It wasn’t an easy process for me. I’m not sure any writers will say pitching, writing, researching, completing and publishing a book is a cake walk. But I followed my dream and went for it, despite a few bumps… [Read More…]