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Philanthropy Friday: Philanthropy Starts With Compassion

This following article is a guest post from my good friend and possibly the most encouraging woman I know, Chris Carter.  Compassion is a powerful thing. It is the foundation for all good things and giving. It is the engine that starts the drive toward movement and mobilization of change and making a difference. I… [Read More…]

photo credit: Caitlin Kelly

Wordless Wednesday: Paris Unity March

Today’s Wordless Wednesday photos were taken by my friend and travel companion in Nicaragua, Caitlin Kelly of the Broadside blog. Caitlin’s travels recently brought her to Paris where she had the unique opportunity to attend the unity march, an anti-terror rally that came on the heels of the Charlie Hebdo attack. To read more about the rally and Caitlin’s experience,… [Read More…]

photo credit: Emily Tarvin

Home Call

This following article is a guest post from a friend, doctor and mom, Emily Tarvin. The first page comes as I turn onto my street. I pull over a block from my house, so my kids don’t see my car. It’s the nurse calling to tell me that my patient’s daughter has now arrived. Would… [Read More…]


Philanthropy Friday: Rare Genes

This following article is a guest post from a friend and cofounder of Bitzy Baby, Whitney Reeves.There’s a fine balance of seeking normalcy in your unique life. Striving for a path similar to so many filled with dreams, joy and family. It hits sometimes when you’ve finally absorbed in a moment of normal, that you look around realizing… [Read More…]

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